No. 049/c/Sta/PRD/VIII/1996


All development of post 27 July 1996 unrest prove how power moral, political ethics, tolerance and respect for humanity, for civilisation, and for peace, are faded away from the socio-political economy and cultural life. Natio-fellows are stabbing and deceiving each other. Nation-fellows claim holding the truth, whom finally consider power as the only truth.

Such an insane condition need somewhat correction, introspection, and good will, wisdom and care-taking of country fellow, all groups, allorganisations, without any superiority stand in terms of truth and power. Law and people's souvereignity should be uphold according to human, justice, civilised and ethic norms, moreover when it refers to those who are in power. Therefore it is necessary for us to dig up the foundation of the nation, of the 1945 Constitution and statements given by our founding-fathers, as far as the 27 July 1996 unrest is concerned.

As we consider:

I. The preamble of 1945 Constitution states that the state's objection is to "protect the whole Indonesia with regard to the nation-hood and its territory, to improve people's well-being, to educate the people and participate actively the world order based on the independance, peace and social justice.

II. Explanation on the 1945 Constitution about state-system says:
1. The Indonesian state is based on the rule of law (rechtstaat), and not merely on the power (machtstaat);
2. The government is formed on the basis of constitution, which does not hold the absolutism (the unlimited power),".

III. As has been stated by the founding father and independence proclamator, Ir. Soekarno in a speech regarding the birth of Pancasila (1 June 1945): Indanesian state is not a state of a particular person, of a group, eventhough it relates to the have. We establish the state for all, one for all, and all for one.".

We put into account that, different clear views, which are not emotional, pursued by socio-political figures, retired members of Indonesian Armed-Forces and intellectuals as follows:

  • PRD supports fully the summons given by the legal Chairperson of Central Board of PDI, mrs. Megawati Sukarnoputri that, "Based on the facts dig up from the field, the attakt is initiated by those who claim themselves as supporters of "Congress". Thus, one who should take the responsibility is mr. Soerjadi, who clearly was not able to lead and organise the members sothat they conduct accordings to the law." Megawati also says, "As the problematic surrounding the PDI already became a national one, I call the board of the Parliament and the People Congress (DPR/MPR) and the members can hold the attitude and actions expressing statemanship, who can put the interest of the nation above individual and personal one".

  • PRD supports the statement by Abdurachman Wahid (President of the Central Board of NU) who wishes "all shall not make the PRD problem as a political issue ... the case should be considered as a legal one and should take therefore legal procedure for its solution." According to him, the development of PRD "Has been over exploited. Some have even judged before bringing it before the court. I will not be prejudiced. I expect only that it must be proven first before bringing the acusation to the public, in orde to avoid the slander which brings about confusion and creates new problem." (Jawa Pos, 5 August 1996).

  • PRD supports the statement given by retired general Abdul Haris Nasution whom, apart from the destructive actions, shares the opinion of Mochtar Pabotinggi in viewing the younger generation. "The political system is threatened to be destroyed by means of a double influences. Firstly, the New Order refuses political reform. Secondly, there are restrictions with regard to political dynamism." He also warns as follows, "To the coming generations, either military or civilian, they should be allert. Each should hold the self-confidence and should not be provocated by political avonturists whom are trying to catch fishes in the disturbing water." Nasution, the co-founder of the New Order also warns the Indonesian Armed-Forces, ABRI, "The non-ABRI younger generaions should understand the position of the ABRI younger generations. They are the inheritence of those who were in the beginning of the New Order used to enginere making a killing ground, which arouse distrust feelings among the younger generations." (Republika, 5 August 1996).

  • PRD supports also the statement made by the retired general Rudini whom says, "So long there are evidence, do not acuse it as PKI, because it may bring the situation become more critical. Meanwhile, those pro-democracy groups who still hold the Pancasila spirit, should not be worried with the statement launched by the government. Let the latter know what they at the moment really are busy with, which are actually only conditions needed by a process of democratisation. In this way, it would be better to find out the point of agreement in term of view, rather than blaming each other." (Tiras, no.28/THN.II/8 August 1996). PRD agrees with the opinion of Dr. Muchtar Pakpahan, President of SBSI who says, "One should not see the unrest as an isolated case, it is in fact a culminated explotion of a recent socio- pathological accumulation." (Merdeka, 1 August 1996).

  • PRD also supports the statement by the Democratic Forum whom "condemn and strongly protest the violent measures used for political mean based on desire to be superior while maintaining the power regardless moral values and peacefull and civilised political ethics, nor democratic principles and the fundamental law in statehood." (27 July 1996).

  • PRD is in line with the view of Arbi Sanit, an intellectual, whom says, "Radicalisation grows as the consequence of the development, in terms of social change, education and information traffic improvement, which put them as a whole, will bring about aspirations. This include among others the problem of democracy, reformation, equation, justice, or legal system. These aspirations go hand in hand with the result of the development. And this should be virtually responded in a positive sense and needed to be put in a political system within certain elements of the system.... Thus the radicalisation reflects an implication of an improper system in terms of adaptation to all changes taking place in society shaped by the development." ( Republika, 5 August 1996 ).

    By considering and put into account all state philosophical grounds and all the above desribed views, PRD summons to all PRD's cadres and its mass organisations, cadres and symphatisers of Megawati, those who are in power, and all people in Indonesia, to understand:

    01. That the main problem for Indonesian people is poverty which has no clear and certain way out. Poverty of Indonesian people as experienced by workers, peasants, and urban poor, is in reality not been anticipated seriously by those in power. Indonesian economy is being sunk away within the olygarchic circle of real economy and real politics which is forgotten of its cause and origins of its welfare, of which millions Indonesian people are supporting through sacrifices and labour power.

    02. It is social inequality, wealth accumulation by government officials, collusions, curruptions, and the luxirious life-style of government officials and their families, court depraving the sense of justice, which lead to people's discontentness. Bacause there is no channal for their aspirations; because of the sloganistic answers by the ruler; because of the insensitivity of the government towards people's demands; because of the fading away of the sense of people; because of the decaying morals of government officials; a time-bomb has been prepared not by agitators, nor by pro- democratic movements, nor by Megawati's supporters, but exactly by the poverty and misery of the people, which is produced by the development itself.

    03. Meanwhile, the uncertainties and unclear solutions led the way how PDI under the leadership of Megawati Sukarnoputri to get great sympathy of millions of people, whom are dirsty for justice, whose aspirations are hungry from having been listened, whom expect of having solutions for their daily problems, and whom are longing for the openness and political reformation for channelising people's burden, whom are at the moment confusing and find no place to complaint. Holding the leadership in the PDI, Megawati Sukarnoputri express gentleness of a mother, wisdom of a statewoman. Without any desire and personal ambition, she is struggling together with the people for people's souvereignty and brings the party as a party of the poor. It is this love and sincerity she gets from the people, which others cannot bribe or persuade with functions and positions.

    04. The growing sympathy of the people for PDI under the leadership of Megawati Sukarnoputri led the rulers become more and more unpopular amongst the people. The power is not afraid of the PDI followers which is small and armedless; nor afraid of Megawati who is the daughter of Sukarno. The power only afraid of the fact that people already know about the behaviour of rulers which is far away from truth; about their activities which are strengthening the status quo; about corrupted daily practices of rulers; also about the feeling which is fading away from a just and secured conditions. Actually the sense of justice, truth, peace, wisdom is staying by Megawati. This is why the power holder is afraid and is in a rage.

    05. That people's participation in power controle is essential in democracy, and is the substance of Pancasilla and the 1945 Constitution. That is why it will be legitimised and is the right for anyone, according to equal principles, to take part, to give input, his/her voice, his/her ciritc to the power holder without any feeling of being descriminised, marginalised; of being isolated with respect to other groups or certain categories.

    06. That the active participation dynamism of the people in the practical politics is an improvement in spiritual term; is a positive development; is a creation of the development itself. One should appreciate, protect, guide, channalise such a development as it ought to be, rather than to oppress, to frighten, to intimidate or to maltreat physically through mobilising para-military and violent measures. A clever and wise ruler, a ruler whom acts constitutionally, should not fear or insult people's capacity of being critical, by using using stigma's such as PKI, subversions, left wing extremism, right wing extremism, liberal, bald satans, neo-communists etc.

    07. That all black propaganda's about PRD and MARI, and other democratic organisations by verdicting through anti-subversion law and "communist marks" are decreasing, is a staganation in term of civilisation. It is a narrow minded attitude, an emotional statement, a view which tear the nation, an attitude which listens only to the ruler's voice and leaving the principle of councelling and also the image of our nation as being flexible and tolerant to each other. Such methods are creating only worryness, fear, fragmentation and supect to each other to nation-fellow.

    08. That the Democratic People's Party, with clarity and positive thinking, wants to pursue a consturction for a nation and state building, for solution of problems confronted by Indonesian society, based on the ideal by the establishment of RI namely "to improve the welfare, and educate the people". And we should agree that there is no ideal and perfect government. That is why the process towards progress and the people's education should be able to accept input and new methods without any apriory nor negative thinking.

    09. That plurality in politics is being guaranteed by the article 28 of the 1945 Constitution, by means of which PRD feel being legitimised as it finds its base in the constitution. All measures intending to destroy PRD through any means such as propaganda and "communist" making, is expressing an attitude which is in a rage and does not give any way out in political development of the nation. With political pluralism, there will not be an attempt leading to fear or suspect to each other, if all hold the modern human political moral and ethics. Politics is not merely the victory of majority upon minority. Politics is somewhat an attempt to create an effective but expressing general interests through state machienary. Such interests include also that of all groups and categories. Politics is a "forum of councelling" for pursuing ideas and plans in order to implement the mandate and ideals of the independence namely to create a just and prosper society.

    10. That PRD needs to explain that the present mass organisations affiliated to PRD at sectoral levels are meant to empower people, so that they are self-reliance and are capable to solve their own problems. So far the existing formal organisations cannot absorb aspirations caming from workers, peasants, urban poor, artists and students as the former are monopolised by the government. By the establishment of sectoral mass organisations aspirations of any segment in the society can be channalised. Through such sectoral organisations, one can understands all social problems sharperly, more anallytical, and scientific. Thus such form of participation can extremely be helpful to avoid anarchism and frustration in different social sectors. It is the government indeed which should feel gratitude as the bureaucracy and opportunism of the environment of government's mass organisations with its feudal character, "as the boss like it attitude", which stay away from the mass people whom they should serve, can be highlighted, in such a way that one can see the root of the problem so that one can understand more deeply about the problem taking place in society.

    The establishment of an independent sectoral organisation outside SPSI, HKTI, or KNPI can actually in a positive way motivate government's mass organisation to work, which is used to be so bureaucratic and not-aspirative in relations to problems which exist amongst the people. The intention and its objective are in fact to build an Indonesian society which just and prosper, but also which dare to fight for its rights. This is something which does not fix into the emotional propaganda by the government which marks and points to the PRD as similar to PKI. Was it not that the New Order ruler whom teach the skill to organise all societal sectors such as SPSI, KNPI, HKTI, PWI, Kowani etc. And this does not mean that New Order is neo-communist, for sectoral organisations are meaningful for professional reason, so that they are competent to come up with solution and solve the problem according to the roots of the problem as it develops in each societal sector. Here one should warn the government sothat it would not just sow slander every where.

    11. That PRI is active in undermining the state and uses violence to meet its end. If the government is accurate and understand it scientifically, there is no single article nor strategy adopted by PRD for using violence as methods. Quite the opposite, PRD is in fact in any peaceful action by using posters and banners, frequently attacked with club and detened by the military. Consciously PRD avoids the use of violence, because PRD considers it as a primitive method in seeking for the problem solving. Since government apparatus is used to such violent methods, its image and hence authority will be declining in front of the people.

    Through its actions, PRD does not afford violence, but prepares to bring message and proposals concerning the reformation of the existing political mechanism such as the packet of 5 Plitical Laws and the double function of ABRI. Both are historical products which should be adjusted to recent developments in society. Was it not that mass mobilisation in 1966 also done by the New Order rulers for putting Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution right in terms of purity and consistency.

    12. That national dan social development following democratic norms and social justice principles should be demonstrated by the rulers themselves. The people will obey and show their obediene if government authority is able to seek for solution of their problems. The people does not need any bombastic slogan, nor luxurious skyscrabbers, nor gigantic scultures: THE PEOPLE NEEDS TO BE LISTNED TO and to be protected patiently, without force, terror, intimidation and the violent and primitive practices. Hopefully, we will not repeat nor create spaces in the future for cruelty and rough manner expressing low degrees and character of our human sense as found in politics and ways of running the country.

    This means clearly that we need a cool head and rationality to face, instead of merely issueing instructions for arrest, bringing before the court, and put into jail our nation-fellow who hold different opinion, different ways of doing things and expressing aspirations and proposals for improving the people whom are at the moment deeply wounded and need our togetherness for recovery. With a good will and keep away from feeling superiority in terms of truth and authority, the country is ready to ensure the reach of independence ideals for "bringing Indonesian people to the gate of Indonesian state souvereignty, which is free, unified, independent, just and prosper...".

    This is what the Democratic People's Party need to explain and to express our standpoints in connection with the development surrounding the post July 27, 1996 turbulance. It is our hope that this good will by giving input for pursuing progress of the country can bring us to an awareness for considering importance the following matters such as taking care the difference through mutual understanding, and creating modern society which is rational, just and respectful for humanity.

    For resistance and change:

    for a minimum wage of Rp. 7000, for lower prices,
    for a properly monitored general election, for a New Party, for a New President,
    for a Referendum of the Maubere People

    Jakarta, 9 August 1996
    Budiman Sudjatmiko

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