IMF bailout a disaster for the Indonesian people

In response to the acute economic crisis, the Suharto's regime has asked for help from International Monetary Fund. The IMF is no stranger in Indonesia. Since General Suharto seize power in 1965, the IMF have delivered millions of dollars in loans to every year. In that time it, has continued to support the corrupt economic practices of Suharto and his cronies which are one of the causes of the present economic crisis.

But the heart of our program is not in austerity. It is the structural changes we are making to make the economies work better and improve the living standards of the people, said Michel Camdemsuss to the National Journal.

In reality the IMF is tool of western banks and the US Government which is used further the advanced capitalist countries economic interests and to snap up other third world assets at bargain prices regardless of the cost in human suffering.

To do this, the US is willing trample over any country's national sovereignty and human rights. In the last thirty years, around 90 developing countries have received loans from the IMF, 48 are no better off and 32 are actually poorer. IMF reforms always hit the poor who face massive job losses and cuts to education, public health and social security.

The Peoples Democratic Party believes that IMF should not be involved in overcoming the Indonesian economic crisis because the deregulation and austerity required under the $US43 billion bailout package will only benefit the advanced capitalist countries and result in a poorer, more indebted Indonesia.

We demand:
*That the assets of Suharto and his family and relatives be nationalised;
*The establishment of an independent people's council;
*Suharto reappointment as president for a seventh term be rejected;
*A reduction in prices;
*That Suharto and his family and relatives be arrested and tried for their crimes;
*The five repressive political laws and military dual function be abolished..

On Behalf of the Central Leadership Committee of People's Democratic Party

Mirah Mahardika

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