Urgent Action for :

1. the illegal arrest of Mugianto, Nesar Patria and Aan Rusdianto, leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party

2. the deteriorating health in prison of Petrus Haryanto, General Secretary of People's Democratic Party ( PRD )

Dear friends,

On Friday March 13, three leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PRD) of Indonesia were captured in a flat in Jakarta. The three leaders are :
a. Mugianto, International officer of PRD and member of National Council of SMID , b. Nesar Patria, General Secretary of SMID and member of Central Leadership Comittee of PRD, and c. Aan Rusdianto, member of Central Leadership Commitee of PRD.

According to military and police spokespersons they are to be charged under the 1962 subversion law, which provides for a maximum penalty of death, as well as under another law pertaining to conspiracy to commit banned activities. They were also accused of having "communist" literature in their possession, and police said the three of them were guilty of " putting forward demands and carrying out masss actions opposed to the government "

Police and military spokespersons have been quoted in the daily newspaper Kompas, on March 19, as stating that the three were guilty of "putting forward demands and carrying out mass actions opposed to the government" and of carrying out "political actions such as meetings, political discussions and organising the masses." They were also accused of having "communistic" literature in their possession.

They were also accused of being members of a banned organisation. The PRD was formally banned by decree in 1997. It has been under a de facto ban since July, 1996 when Armed Forces headquarters issued an order for the arrest of all PRD personnel. However, the PRD has continued top organise and be at the forefront of the struggle against the Suharto dictatorship.

Meanwhile, the International Office of the PRD has received information that Secretary-general of the PRD, Petrus Haryanto, currently in Cipinang prison is suffering deteriorating health. He has asked to be hospitalised in a hospital that had adequate medical facilities. As yet his request has not been responded to by the prison authorities. Petrus already suffered from his illnes since the end of 1996, sometimes he couldn't wake up from his bed, it seems that he has some problem with his kidney.


On behalf of Peoples Democratic Party (PRD ) we call for :

(1) Organise picket and mass action in front of Indonesian Embassies, consulates or other symbol of Suharto dictatorship and company that related to Suharto's family and his crony.

(2) Organise members of parliament, other community figures, political parties and solidarity groups to make direct appeals to the Indonesian Embassies and Consulates for the release of Mugianto, Nesar Patria and Aan Rusdianto and for Petrus to be hospitalised in a hospital of his choice.

(3) Organise public appeals to your national governments to demand the release of Mugianto, Nesar Patria and Aan Rusdianto and all other political prisoners in Indonesia.

(1) Organise protest actions outside Indonesia Embassies, consulates or other facilities symbolising the Suharto dictatorship.

We also appeal to you to inform PRD International office of any and all activities that you undertake so that these news of these actions can be sent on back to the PRD in Indonesia.

A final appeal.

The PRD has lost a safe house, laptops and other equipment as a result of these arrests. The underground PRD, which provides the primary systematically organised structure carrying out political education and organisation for the democratic movement in Indonesia, needs greater resources to be able to carry on its work while avoiding capture by the increasingly repressive security apparatus.

We appeals for all and any donations that can be sent on to the democratic movement. Donations can be sent to: P.O. Box 458, Broadway 2007, NSW Australia. or to :
Peoples Democratic Party
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Broadway, NSW, Australia
2003 1002 7600

In Solidarity

Edwin Gozal
PRD representative to Asia Pacific Region

Appendix: Excerpts from South China Morning Post article

South China Morning Post
Thursday, March 19, 1998
Three students face subversion charges

JENNY GRANT in Jakarta
Three Indonesian students will be charged with subversion after police allegedly found "communist material" in their apartment, in the latest round of charges against political activists.

Jakarta police chief Major-General Hamami Nata alleged the three also belonged to the student wing of the outlawed People's Democracy Party whose leaders have been jailed for up to 13 years.

"They are activists of a banned organisation and they are liable to prosecution. They will be charged with subversion," said General Nata. Subversion carries the death penalty.

The three men have been identified only as MY, 25, AR, 24 and NP, 28. Military officers arrested the trio in their east Jakarta flat on Friday.

They were originally arrested in connection with a bomb plot, but that charge has been dropped. General Nata claimed the three students were linked with other students arrested in January for making bombs.

Police claim they found books containing articles on communism and documents on the small left-wing pro-democracy group.

"The suspects sought to garner mass support to subvert the Government," General Nata said.

Authorities raise the spectre of communism at times of political unrest or economic trouble.

The Government blamed a coup attempt in 1965 on the Indonesian Communist Party. President Suharto banned the party in 1966.

From: PRD representative to Asia Pacific Region
e-mail: prdint1@peg.apc.org
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 23:49:38 +0100 (MET)

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