One Opposition, One Chance:
7000 wage, Lower prices,
New Parties, New President,
Referendum for the Maubere People

Today, exactly five years ago, a moment occurred which will not be forgotten in the history of the struggle of the East Timorese people. Hundreds of civilians were murdred in cold blood at the hands of the Indonesian armed forces in the "Dili Massacre." On that day, 12 November 1991 at the Santa Cruz cemetery hundreds gathered to place flowers upon the graves of their friends and family who had been shot by the military. However, all of a sudden and without warning, a rain of bullets rained onto the mourners from the barrels of the guns of the Indonesian armed forces. Hundreds of civilians, men and women, young and old, children even were soon bathed in blood. The New Order regime refused to accept responsibility. Moreover, they refused to admit to all of the dead. Of the hundreds who died, the New Order regime only admitted to killing a a couple of dozen or so. To this day no-one is sure where all the bodies of the victims of this tragedy have been hidden by the New Order regime. The same fate met by hundreds of people in Aceh, Lampung, Tanjung Priok and victims of the mass action of opposition on 27 July of this year.

The 12 November 1991 massacre is one of several incidents where East Timorese opposition is met with guns by the New Order regime. At least 200.000 East Timorese have been murdered at the nads of New Order army since the invasion in 1975. A third of the East Timorese people have been murdered, alongside the torture and imprisonment of those who fight for freedom - including the leader Xanana Gusmao - demonstrates the brutality with which the New Order regime is forcing East Timor to become the 27th province of Indonesia. From another perspective, it also demonstrates that the East Timorese people are truly resolute and consistent in their fight for their land, which has been taken from them by force.

Since the Dili massacre, the fight of the East Timorese people as not been turned back, moreover it is increasingly unwavering, whilst the repression of the New Order regime is also increasingly intensive and brutal. It is clear that the New Order regime has lost its head over its response to East Timorese opposition, hiring thugs and gangsters to try and thwart calls for democracy, such as nearly always happens when mass action is taken in support of the East Timorese struggle. Paid masses are mobilized to try and bait and inflame the crowds, as happened on the 27th July incident when the blame was put on the PRD. Most recently, a hired mob was paid to challenge Bishop Belo's statements made to the Spiegel magazine, which the New Order regime considered to be false and divisive. The fact is that Belo's statements reflect the true and objective reality of the condition of society in East Timor.

As a rememberance of the 12 November 1991 incident, today the East Timorese people will contest their annexation by the New Order regime by engaging in a number of actions both in East Timor and in Jakarta, alongside a number of other countries, previous actions having been taken in several embassies on 28 October 1996. Such actions will know no end, as long as the New Order regime refuses to alter its approach to East Timor, not only in its viloation of international law and ethics, but also in its violation of the Indonesian constitution and the moral nature of the Indonesian people who resolutely condemn the colonisation of another territory.

The Central Committee of the PRD gives its full support to all the actions mentioned above. The PRD also demands that the New Order regime: 1) withdraws immediately all its military forces from East Timor and hand over to an independent multi-national peace consortium, such as occurred in Bosnia, Cambodia and Ethiopia. 2) immediately open East Timor up to journalists, human rights organisations, the international red cross, individuals, researchers and other parties who wish to find out in an objective manner the conditions in East Timor, without censorship or prejudice. 3) Secure the immediate unconditional release all East Timorese political prisoners, including their leader, Xanana Gusmao. 4) Fulfill the requirements of United Nations resolution No.3485/1975 to end the occupation of East Timor and to hand over full autonomy to East Timor and that a referendum be held by the people of East Timor.

One Struggle, One Change!

In the name of
the PRD Central Committee

Mirah Mahardika

Fri, 22 Nov 1996

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