Coördinatiegroep voor Steun aan het Volksverzet in Indonesie
Co÷rdinationgroup for Support the People's Resistance in INDONESIA

Welcome at these pages and thank you for your interest in the people struggle in Indonesia! We have started these pages at 06 August, 1996.

We are Indonesian's organization based in Amsterdam. The New Order regime in Indonesia: bureaucratic militairism and capitalistic, is characterized by oppression and repression. The regime's rised to power in 1965, after 31 years is identified with bloodshed when it orchestrated the killings of close to a million communists, its symptathizers and innocent people. Since then, the regime has consistently maintened its oppresive character and gross human rights violations such as massacres, illegal arrests and detentions, tortures, involuntary disappears.

Now the people, who struggle against the New Order regime in Indonesia is still going on! To support their struggle for democracy and anti-militairism , we concern people's strugle: labours , peasants, urban poor, students and all pro-democracy movements whose joint struggle against the New Order military regime under authoritarian power of Suharto.

Our activities is focus to support, campaign and mobilize for intenational solidarity with the people's struggle in Indonesia. We also struggle to abort any forms of Imperialism!

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