Semarang (MateBEAN, 31/10/97). One of the four detainees arrested in the Central Java Regional Police Head Quarters accused of making bombs (molotov coctails) in Demak, had been tortured during his interrogation.

The four East Timorese had been heavily under mental pressure and intim- idated by their interrogators. But only Fernao Pedro M. Correia (19) alias Ameta, a student of a private non-formal school had been heavily tortured. This is reported to MateBEAN in Semarang by their friends after they have been permitted to visit them.

Such intimidation and torture in interrogation process, especially on sensitive cases like East Timor issue, seems to be a natural habit among the Indonesian security officers. Many people were crippled or died after an interrogation.

Fernao was arrested by the authorities with three other East Timorese in 14 September 1997 after a bomb exploded in a rented house in Plamongan Indah Housing Complex, Mranggen, Demak, Central Java. The military said that the explosion was related to the activity of the so called Brigada Negra, an armed wing of the Associacao Socialista de Timor (AST) lead by Avelino Coelho da Silva alias Dr. Shallar Kossi who is now seeking political asylum in the Austrian Embassy in Jakarta, together with his wife, children and two other friends.

The detainees has been arrested for more than a month and although lawyers from Jakarta Legal Aid Institute has officially been asked to assist them, the local authority refused to permit the lawyers present in the pro- cess of interrogation. There is no official statement of the refusal yet, but without the presence of a lawyer, interrogators can freely intimidate or torture detainees.###

03 Nov 97

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