May Day commemoration:

Central Commitee Leadership of People Democratic Party

One Strugle for Change,
For a national wage Rp. 7.000, for decreasing the price, for the new president and for referendum of maubere people

Two years ago, PPBI ( Central Working Class Struggle in Indonesia) and SMID/ SSDI (Students's Solidarity for Democracy in Indonesia) held the first May Day commemoration during the New Order Period. But at the present day both of PBBI and SMID who affliated in PRD can't commemarte May Day with 15.000 workers strike or another mass demonstrations as before.

For certain pragmatic academic, 27 July crackdown gave bad impact for pro democratic movement to stay in zero line. In fact this crackdown has give good impact that pro democratic movement doesn't stay in zero line, but get one stepforward. Also among the workers as the most opressive sector in Indonesia.

During the mid of 1997, we can saw a lot of workers strike, not only from manufactur workers but also from transportation workers, agro industrial workers.

Indonesia workers have face certain big problem at the present day. The government has try to promote new workers regulation that resistric the workers strike, they couldn't march into parliament and go out from factory just stay for picket line; worker can be fired directly by employer if they join the strikers with recomendation from SPSI ( puppet trade union ). In antother side, low wages can't be compartive advantage any more for Indonesia product because wages in Bangladesh or China lower than Indonesia. So in terms of maintaining comparative advantage, the employer try to postpone increasing wages.

In this condition Indonesia workers don't have strong experice how to make bargain with employer, because there's no independet trade union among workers. Although they were meet PPBI and SBSI, both of that organisation couldn't make a public forum as before so they can't make public propaganda to workers to face this conditon.

What happen in Nike a week ago, reflect the potential power from the workers but it just a spontaneous action. The problem is we need to strengthen the powers among the workers, making a big change from spontaneous strike to be organised stikes, from economic demands to be political demands.

In next few weeks, we will see general" festival" election. Also in this moment Indonesia workers can make a big role, because if the entire Indonesia workers have same agenda for this election. It can be remarkble power. This election is an unfair election, there's no benefit for us if we still support this election. Where there's no free and fair election so there will be no democray and also there will be no prosperity among the workers. The conclusion, let's Indonesia workers join election boycot program

On Behalf
CC Leadership of PRD

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