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The West Papuan Young Generation Communication Forum (Forum Komunikasi Generasi Muda Irian Jaya, acronym: FK-GMIJ) went on Thursday (23/10) to the Indonesian House of Representative in Jakarta to present their appeal to the authority on the drou- ght crisis in West Papua.

The 50 persons representing the FK-GMIJ conveyed their urgent wish that the government should handle the West Papua disaster seriously, and declare it a national disaster.

Led by FK-GMIJ chaiman Andy D Manobi, posters and banners were displayed criticizing the tardy handling of the famine disas- ter in West Papua.

The FK-GMIJ is of the opinion that the current situation should have been foreseen long before, as the food scarcity started months ago. In its statement the FK-GMIJ said that the impression was that handling of humanitarian matters in West Papua only was done if it had project value.

The FK-GMIJ urged the government to provide information on causes, victims and predictions, as well as preperations for the rainy season which always brings diseases.

FK-GMIJ has become a very active and serious youth movement against the Indonesian government.

On 27 of February 1996, FK-GMIJ sent a statement to the presi- dent of Indonesia, Suharto, on the black history of Irian (West Papua). The statement includes wide aspect of oppressi- on, for example, the participants (1025) of the Act of Free Choice 1969 in West Papua were elected by the government under military tight control, the domination of power by the mi- grants in West Papua, killings, discrimination, sosial and environmental destruction by Freeport-McMoRan Cooperation, environmental destructions by logging companies, transmigrati- on program that affects the West Papuans to be minority, HIV/AIDS virus explosion that brought from outside to West Papua and that can not be brought under controlled by the government. FK-GMIJ urged the president to establish an inde- pendent body to compile facts on the arrests, torture, deten- tion without jurisdiction, disappearances and killings that have been committeed against etnic Papuans during a period of 33 years.

On 1st of July 1996, a statement entitled -Irian Jaya Young Generation brings charges against the realisation of colonia- lism ideology in the governmental bureaucracy in the province of Irian Jaya- was made and sent by FK-GMIJ to the Minister of Exploitation of State Apparatus (Menteri Negara Pendayagunaan Aparatur Negara) and copies of it were widely spread to other Indonesian governmental bodies. The statement includes protest against the policy of cleaning up West Papuan intelects. The killing of Arnold Ap, the very first West Papuan anthropolo- gist, is the example of the policy; transmigration program has negative impact to the culture, HIV/AIDS from outside is a biological etnic cleansing; replacing and dismissing of cor- rupt officials in West Papua, etc.

Many more statements and appeals to the ministries and the military have been made by FK-GMIJ during last year.

On 20 March 1997, FK-GMIJ sent an appeal to the general secre- tary of the UN, Kofi Annan. FK-GMIJ insisted that the UN should share responsibility for the neglect and discrimination against Irianese because the UN made the teritory's integrati- on with Indonesia possible. FK-GMIJ demands that the UN form a fact-finding team to investigate alleged rights abuses in West Papua, help protect West Papuan human rights, make Indonesian loosen its security approach and put the brake on migration.

Another action has also been taken by the students organisati- on of ITB - Institut Tekhnologi Bandung (The Indonesian School of Technology in Bandung). The organisation has collected Rp 856,3000 for the famine victims in West Papua. The students will continue the actions to collect funds.

In its statement that is similar, in general, to the one of the FK-GMIJ, Keluarga Mahasiswa ITB (Student Society of ITB) refers to the UUD'45 - Undang Undang Dasar '45 (the Indonesian Constitution of 1945) that the state is obliged to guarantee the welfare of the people including the West Papuans. Thefore, the government should be capable to handle the drought crisis in West Papua that the increasing number of victims can be avoid.

ITB is one of the historical headquarters of the Indonesian students in which many protests have been systematically orga- nised against the political systems in Indonesia.
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