(Document, dated 26 February 1996, written by Riak Leman, Secretary of guerrilla movement's Region 3, Cruzeiro, East Timor)

"Introductory Note: Regional Command Planning has provided us with general and specific guidelines. Now we would like to issue a few instructions, which must also be adhered to by each and every group and leader designated to undertake activities in each specific direction.

It is also worth pointing out some of the specific instructions, recorded in the Minutes of the last December 1995 meeting, which regulated all movement and action of our guerrillas and members.

In spite of the fact that in 1995 a degree of gradual progress was seen in terms of our political activities, that year revealed some of our weaknesses too. Cruzeiro was not exception, and had its own lessons to learn. For that very reason, the following measures are necessary.

1. Strict secrecy must be observed concerning political conditions.
a) All groups must keep details of their leadership's political conditions totally secret. In other words, avoid mentioning them, and avoid giving away concrete details. The exact location of guerrilla groups in this or that particular direction must also be kept confidential.

b) All groups must release propaganda to counter the IN's propaganda; information and counter-information; permanent mobility; detect the IN spy network and dismantle it, eliminating the spies.

c) To that end, guerrillas and leaders alike should bear in mind the information given to us by our compatriots about IN tactics, their propaganda and counter-propaganda, etc. ... Do not dismiss it out of hand, but study and analyse it first. To do that, you must be a good listener too (...)

3. Behaviour:
a) All guerrillas and leaders must show the utmost respect in their general dealings with the People: respect their immediate interests (goods and property); respect their views, and co- operate with them at all times; respect their physical, moral and ethical integrity, and resolve their problems, uniting them among themselves, and us with them.

b) All guerrillas and leaders must follow this principle: Better to speak little and wisely, than to go mindlessly shooting your mouth off. Guerrillas and members must set a good example by their own behaviour, speech and attitude towards our People, because we are sons of the People and are part of that same People. WE MUST, therefore, be absolutely correct in all our behaviour!

These are the guidelines and measures which we think are appropriate for all to follow. We have unwavering faith in your sincere determination and hope, and in the courage you have borne for the past 20 years! (...)

Riak Leman.
Secretary of Region 3.
Cruzeiro, 26 February 1996.

Source :
Timor Leste (monthly bulletin of the Commission for the Lisbon-based solidarity group CDPM - Rights of the Maubere People)
April edition

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