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Once again, violent act to the journalist happened again. The Security apparatus at Menteng tried to dismiss student demonstration by forcing Ezki Suyanto, the journalist from Panji Masyarakat to go to the police headquaters. Ezki which was trying to cover its student demonstration, all of suddent was caught by the police and forcing him to go with them. He was regarded as one of those who took part in the peaceful demonstration commemorating the pledge of youth anniversary on October 28, at Proklamasi monument square.

Ezki refused to go with the police because of its status as a journalist. He showed its indentity card. His explaination was neglected by the police. On the contrary, two policemen said that his ID was fake. Finally Ezki kept silent and let the policemen bring him to the police office.

Seeing this incident, Satari, the photojournalist from Panji Masyarakat, suddenly approached Ezki and embracing him. Satari told the policemen that Ezki was a real journalist. As a result, Sapari was arrested as well. Some other journalist tried to help Ezki and Satari, but instead Teguh Indra, photographer from Republika pushed Teguh by shouting, "Get lost". As told by Ezki later, Teguh Indra was slapped its head.The policemen finally let Ezki and Sapari go when much more journalists convinced the policemen that Ezki and Satari were real journalist.

At the same time, at the separete place,in Proklamasi monument, there is an eye witness who saw a photographer was forced to give its film from its camera. He testified that there is a journalist from AP fell when he was pursued by the security apparatus.

The violent act of the police to dismiss the demonstration brought about many casualties. About fourties students activists were arrested. Nilam, student from Indonesian University was injured, beaten by police. Know she was at Cikini hospital for medical treatment.

The Alliance of Independent Journalist strongly urges the security apparatus to stop it violent act and give a great deal of respect to the professional journalist. And strongly demanding to investigate this incident, in order to punish those who were held responsible for this unproportional act of violence.

Jakarta, 28 October 1997

Lukas Luwarso


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