Human Rights Protest,

Jakarta, Indonesia. December 10, 1996
International Human Rights Day

Based on statement issued by Human Rights and Democracy Action Committee comprising Pro-Democracy Youth and Students Forum (FPMPD) and Megawati Support Team (TPM)


10.45 am:
More than 50 people held an open forum outside the national Police Headquarters in South Jakarta. The forum, apart from commemorating International Human Rights Day, also sent in a demand for the charging of Soeryadi [Suharto installed head of the pro-dictatorship version of the Indonesian Democratic Party - PDI].

FPMPD members assembled at a set location away from the main open forum area and marched to the main forum area while distributing leaflets entitiled: "Haul Soeryadi before the courts". Passers-by reacted enthusiastically, asking for more leaflets that they could hand out to their friends.
Megawati supporters who had gathered in several different locations joined the FPMPD group.

11.18 am:
Participants from FPMPD and Megawati activists from South, West and East Jakarta all joined together.

11.35 am:
Field commander - Yoga - got he crowd in order and led off the marchers to the location of the action, namely, the main gate into Police Headquarters.

11.40 am:
The rally arrived at the location. A 3 meter red banner: "Haul Soeryadi before the courts" was displayed along with posters with various demands. Also posters of pictures of Megawati Sukarnoputri. Yoga led the singing of the national anthem and then began a speech. The speech emphasised how human rights violations by the regime were getting worse and worse. The peoples rights as guaranteed in the constitution are being trampled upon. This is evidenced in the government's moves against Megawati Soekarnoputri - moves which have not only been resisted by Megawati's own supporters but by other fighters for democracy. The climax of the people's esistance to the government's arbitrary actions resulted in July 27 incident.

Iing, a FPMPD participant, then gave a speech saying that the trials of the Megawati supporters that had just finsihed and that of pro-democracy activists such as the PRD leaders and Mochtar Pakpahan (whose trials start on December 12) were an attempt to cover the government's embarassment over its arbitrary actions. Neither the Megawati supporters nor the pro-democracy activists had done anything wrong. Iing added that it was Soeryadi, who was aided by government apparatus, who is responsible for what happened on July 27 and has not yet been brought before the courts. The violent repressiion used by the regime since July 27 has only added to the regime's blistering sores. And the people know all this.

The rally then sang "To you Mega" an adaptation of "To you my country". Yoga gave another speech. Then an open forum took place, and the approriate assigned activists gave leaflets to people on passing buses. People shouted from the bus "Long live Mega", "Hang Soeryadi", and showed the pro-Meg and struggle signs with their hands .

11.50 am:
20 pro-Megawati activists from North Jakarta joined the rally.

11.51 am:
People sang "Who owns Indonesia?" two times.

11.56 am:
People sand "Mega will win", Halo-halo Bandung" and "To you the people."

12.06 am:
ling and Indra read the poem" "Mega awaits us."

12.12 am:
An anti-riot police siren was heard in the distance and a truck of anti-riot police passed by. Yoga continued his speech.

12.20 am:
A mini-truck of anti-riotpolice arrived at the location. Yoga continued his speech while the rally remained calm. Journalists complained that the riot police were called out for a rally of 50 people.

12.24 am:
The negotoiator came out accompanied by Colonel (?) Iswanto from Police Headquarters. he said that the statement and demand would be handed to the head of the national police and asked them to disperse immediately.

12.26 am:
The open forum was ended woth the reading of a statement by Anom and a prayer.

12.30 am:
The rally dispersed. Several activists went to the Legal Aid Instoitute building where other activists were also gathering to commemorate Human Rights Day.

Indonesia L
12 Dec 1996

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