European Commission of Human Right
Brussel - BELGIUM

His Excellency,

Reference: Asking for a matter urgency of a common resolutions on the violations of human rights and democracy rights in Indonesia

Indonesia (staeu02/03/97/it)

The undersigned organisation in the Netherlands is deeply concerned at the violent seizure of the head quarters of the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) by military and para-militer forces used against civilians on 27-28 July 1997 resulting in a wave of victims which several people of pro-democracy activists are being tried under the Subversion law charges which carries a maximum sentence of death.

Since the riot broke out on 27 - 28 July 1996 after Indonesian army forces and PDI Suryadi faction supporters took over the headquarters of the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) of Megawati Sukarnoputri, who had been ousted as leader by a government-backed faction last June 1996. Suharto blamed the mastermind behind the riot was PRD (People's Democratic Party), one of Indonesian pro-democracy movement which has often been expressed their peaceful critics on economic and political relations with Indonesia military regime in mass action activities over the last years.

The Suharto military regime was scapegoating suspected leftists for what was essentially a riot sparked in the up to the Elections May 1997 by the regime' s heavy-handed raid on the headquarters of the Indonesian Democratic Party, where since 1965 after the bloodsheed military coup has not been an opposition force in Indonesian politics.

The spreading of people' s protest throughout the contry since 1975 are began more conscious of these abuses and in 1990 are appropriated their rights for reforming and to be at full strength of attitude towards the uphold democracy rights and against the violation of human rights with peaceful expressions. Amongst others the pro-democracy movement is the PRD, People Democratic Party, and affiliated organisations which have also been demanded democratic and pluralist society in Indonesia by repeal of the Five Packages of Political Laws 1985 (5 Paket UU Politik 1985) these are repeal of the five basic political laws controlling the forming of political parties and allowing appointed members of parliament, freedom of mass organisations, freedom of assembly, free general election, and the right of referendum, and further, repeal of the Dual Functions of the Armed Forces in political and military functions (DWI FUNGSI ABRI), laws the make th people's political rights, democratisation, and liberated the population of Indonesia ineffective. In that regard, the military violation resolutions and to pronounce judgment against activists unde the legalization of SUBVERSION LAW (an legacy constitusion of colonialist legislation) are being used for repressive purpose by spark events towards its own people. Further more, the immediate campaign demands the nomination of Megawati Sukarnoputri as presidential candidate for General Election 1997, a referendum for the people Maubere of East Timor and also reaffirmed its commitment to the struggle for a minimum daily wage of Rp7.000,- ($3,-) for factory workers.

The Indonesian people living under controlled his iron-fisted 31 year rule, anti democracy rule - is being characterised by structural oppression and gross human rights violations, has an serious economic and social problems that has produced huge dispartities between haves and have- nots, rampant corruptions, nepotism, unemployment, terrors, arrests, killings, tortures, intimidations, missings and overwhelming abuse for political power towards its own people and the Maubere people in the illegally territory East Timor after the bloodsheed military occupied by the Suharto regime in 1975. These kinds of primitive methods clearly abuses any rights of elementary human rights on freedom and peaceful life of Indonesian people where in this decade its nesessity for who' s capable of taking on board the positive values of globalisation beyond matters of business and the economy, namely, the values of democracy and human rights.

To assess to its previous resolutions on the violations of human rights and democracy rights in Indonesia:

1- Having regard on 12 October 1996 report of the National Human Rights Commission on bloody events of 27-28 July 1996 which mentions not one word is to be found which associates the 27-28 July events with the PRD and that have five killed, 149 injured and 23 missing persons in contrast with the official accused;

2- Deeply concerned to the continued fraction of HUNGRY STRIKE of about 20 PRD' s detainees since 26 February 1997 resulting the Indonesia authorities have forced the innocence PRD activist to go on political trial under SUBVERSION LAW charges which they are bein charged carries a maximum sentence of death;

3- Whereas at a situation of fear is still going on created many of innocence pro-democracy activists, especially of PRD' s activists - affiliated organisations arrested, toture, interrogation and detentions on a charge of ' rioter ' by security forces that have been forced to go into hiding;

4- Having regard the case of the para-militer forces violation in Surabaya, 8-9 July 1996 where more than 20 members of the PRD-affiliated organisations have been arrested and injured when PRD and the Independent Workers Union PPBI led 20.000 factory workers strike in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. They are, DITA SARI, 24 years old, Chair Person of Independent Workers Union PPBI (the Centre for Indonesian Workers Struggle), COEN HUSEIN PONTOH, Chair Person of Independent Peasants Union STN (the National Peasants Union) and MUHAMAD SOLEH, a member of students movement SMID ( the Student Solidarity for Democracy in Indonesia) arrested and since 12 December 1996, have been forced by the military apparatus to go on political trial under SUBVERSION LAW charges which carries a maximum sentence of death. At the time the Suharto regime began to escalate its black propaganda campaign against the PRD and affiliated organisations to justify its brutal attack on the striking group during their peaceful expressioned for their better wages and conditions demands.

We are of The Supporting Movement for the Democratisation in Indonesia condems the common violations of human rights and democracy rights resolutions by the Indonesian military regime and asking for a matter of urgency :

1- Halt the legal proceedings against pro-democracy activists and the immediate unconditional- release of all pro-democracy activists of PRD, PPBI, SMID, MARI, JAKER, KIPP, SRS-J, PUDI, SPRIM, STN, PIJAR, SBSI, AJI, and PDI who have been arrested for the peaceful expression of their political aspirations and the release of all political prisoners, including those from East Timor and Irian Jaya;

2- Deplores the heavy-handed methods of the Indonesian military intelligence in the arrest, torture and interrogation under ' subversion law ' charges of the active member of the pro- democracy movement especially the PRD activists and affiliated organsiations who they are recently taking protest by continues fraction of HUNGRY STRIKE since 26th February 1997 in their detentions of Jakarta and Surabaya;

3- Calls on the Indonesian regime to respond to the EU demarche delivered on 5 August 'clarifying' the Real Mastermind person and to execute a raid upon the bloody storming of the headquarters of the PDI building 27-28 July 1996 resulting in the loss of many lives and ' make public ' the names of all those people;

4- Reaffirms its solidarity with the aims and goals of the Indonesia pro-democracy movement in the struggle for a just, democratic and pluralist society ;

5- Urges the Indonesia authorities to stop violating the rights of peaceful critics and activists and to guarantee all individuals, their rights to freedom of speech and association as expressed in the international declarations on human rights and the Indonesian Constitution;

6- Calls on Indonesian authorities to confirm the legally position of Mrs Megawati Sukarnoputri as a leader of the Indonesian Democratic Party;

7- Calling on the Europe community - International community to halt all military assistance and all arms sales to Indonesia and put effective moratorium on the Suharto regime so as liberated Indonesia for democratisation and for Referendum of the Maubere People, East Timor;

8- Instruct its President to forward this resolutions to the Committee of Ministers, the Consultative assembly, the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe and the Consultative assembly, the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe and the European Commission of Human Rights and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights;

It urges the Committee of Ministers - and various international instruments in fields of human rights to consider as a matter of urgency the adoption of a Common Position on the Human Rights Situation in Indonesia that all States have the obligation to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms as enshrined in the Charter of the United nations, the Declaration of Human Rights.

We believes this urgency protest action of human rights situation in Indonesia would take effect to Jakarta that Europe community - International community wil not stands by and allow the pro- democracy movement and human rights movement in Indonesia to be victimised and crushed in this way.

Yours sincerely,
Secr. Intr. Relation

His Excellency:
- Secretary-General of Eu, Mr. Jacques Santer
- Minister of Development Cooperation of the Kingdom of the Nederlands, Mr. J Pronk
- Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan
- Commission on Human Rights
- and Organisations of Human Rights

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