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The Ministry of Home Affairs,
for the attention of the minister,
mister H van Mierlo

Amsterdam, 1st October 1997

Dear sir the minister,

Today, on the 1st of October 1997, precisely 32 years long ago a military coup led by General Suharto took place in Indonesia. It since then an established "New Order" regime have already 31 years rendered onself guilty of rudely humanrights violations. This dictatorial rule to maintain its position by systematic to prosecute every opponents, if need be arrested, tortured and executed.

From day to day the terror is simply going on, however with a lot of various ways. The latest years the resistance of the population against the regime was huge growing wide. A large amount of peasants, labours and students has more and more better knows themselves at organizing in various unofficially (illegal) labour unions and political parties. This folksresistance has attained to a very highpoint when the Indonesia Democratic Party (PDI) under leading of Mrs. Megawati Soekarnoputri, to take standpoint in line with oppossed the regime and for democratisation. That the government of Suharto, on last of 27 & 28 July, determined for the bloody evacuation of the headquarter of this party, indicated that however the government much look at the folksresistance such as real threatened. On this point the government may not very hurt it's own self to prosecute the followers of the PDI but something more an argument for opstacle the entire pro-democratic movements in Indonesia. During last two months there was and so mass arrests happened, and be too many people, as wel without connection with the PDI, to be arrested and tortured.

Suharto's regime know ownself for not excluded to keep he's own thanks to powerful military apparatus. Since 1965, to enjoy the major economic support of various Western states among whom also Nederland. The rule is too dependent upon these commercial relations and is likewise very sensitive to impose economic sanctions.

We, the progressive people, make a strong appeal to the Ministry of Home Affairs for bring pressurre to bear upon the Indonesia regime and to take an active part in support of the pro-democracy movement. We should like to point out the fact of great urgency to put up strong international pressure for the release of every political prisoners, notably after the current mass arrests events.

Lastly we hope that you should be in consequence of defeat of various forms of humanrights violations where ever it be in the world, thus as wel in Indonesia.

With kindest regards,
on behalf of GPDI, RISK, HVP, NCPN and other people:

drs. W.E.W. van Wijk

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