Gerakan Pendukung Demokratisasi di Indonesia
The Supporting Movement for Democratisation in Indonesia.

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GPDI: UN statement

We represent the Supporting Movement for Democratisation in Indonesia (GPDI). The GPDI is one of the Indonesian Democratic People's Organisations in the Netherlands. We fully support the Maubere People's demand for a referendum which will enable them to exercise freely and democratically their right of self-determination. We call for colonialism to be banished from the Earth.

General Suharto, ruling the New Order Regime since 1965, has taken the reign of government after particularly cruel imprisonments and death threats of thousands of innocent Indonesian civilians. The military-backed Suharto dictatorship has established a reign of structural oppression and gross human rights violations. The government anti-democracy actions and the violent methods of the security forces, have given rise to a growing pro-democracy movement with widespread support in Indonesia. One of the staunchest forces of the pro-democracy movement is the activist group SPRIM - the Indonesian People's Struggle for Solidarity with the Maubere People. Wilson Nurtias, the head person of SPRIM, who has been involved in protest actions for the right of independence of East Timor, is now standing in a subversion trial facing a possible death sentence under Indonesia's anti-sedition law.

The Suharto regime's violence against the Indonesian and East Timorese people has finally come to be noticed by international public opinion in recent years. This awareness has also allowed the world to clearly see the methods used by the regime to oppress the Indonesian population into acquiescence and to exclude Megawati from the PDI. Pro-democracy and East Timor Independence Movements are also excluded from political participation. The existence of the dream of the Timorese people for peace and freedom lives in their independent country is internationally recognized. Further, it also reflects the international community's concern on the question of the Timorese people to end the arrests, disappearances, killing, torture and intimidations of the Maubere People in East Timor which have been carried on continuously during almost twenty-three years in the territory annexed by the occupation army of the Suharto regime. The situation in East Timor underlines the need to call on the international community which can and should urge the Suharto regime to stop the current crackdown on peaceful political activities and to guarantee peaceful freedom of expression and association and to include an opening of and an end to the isolation of East Timor so as to free East Timor and liberate Indonesia.

We are certain that our support of self-determination for East Timor on this occasion - which came from all over the world - would be a strong impulse to continue to strive and search for a peaceful solution in East Timor, in compliance with U.N. Resolution No.3485/1975, calling for withdrawal of the Indonesian occupation army from East Timor, which has never been a part of Indonesia, as a lasting solution of the East Timor problem in the interest of both peoples, the Maubere and the Indonesians.

Amsterdam, 16th June 1997

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