Solidarity With The MRTA!

Dear comrades from the solidarity movement,

Soon it will be April 22nd, the anniversary of the horrible massacre which took place inside the Japanese ambassador's residence in Lima. A group of young comrades had occupied the building in solidarity with the Peruvian people and their just struggle against neo-liberal capitalist exploitation and neo-colonialism in Peru. The group was also acting in solidarity with their 560 brothers and sisters who are languishing in prison because of their struggle against the Fujimori dictatorship's neo-liberal terror.

The dictatorship in Peru would like everyone to believe that the comrades of the "Commando Edgar Sanchez" were killed because they were undisciplined and playing soccer. But we all know the real truth: With all of our strength and solidarity, we strived for a political solution, which could have been achieved with the release of all political prisoners and improved conditions for the social prisoners - a military solution, which could have cost the lives of the prisoners of war in the residence as well, would by no means have represented a military triumph for our comrades.

During the military operation to re-take the residence, which was planned to last 5 minutes, our comrades offered resistance for 45 minutes, until they all, some wounded or taken into custody, were summarily executed. All of this took place in front of the eyes of the world on TV.

This year, on April 22nd, we want to show the dictatorship that the murder of our brothers and sisters has increased our numbers, that there are now hundreds of thousands of us around the world who demand freedom for political prisoners.

For this reason, we are calling on all comrades, solidarity organizations, and human rights groups to send us your ideas and questions about what we can do on this day. We will note all suggestions for initiatives and try and coordinate them effectively.

Up until now, the following initiatives have expressed an interest:
1. "Life and Freedom" song festival; alternative youth groups, Verona, Italy

2. Publishing a book with letters and postcards from political prisoners; Internationalist Committee 'Arco Iris de Italia'

3 Demonstration and/or rally outside of Peruvian consulates or embassies, under the common slogan "We Want Them All Free!" ; MRTA Support Committee, Madrid, Spain; a group from Munster, Germany

4. Soccer tournament "Football for Freedom", played with 14 people (7 on each team) in front of Peruvian consulates or embassies; support group in Switzerland

5. Fast for the freedom of all political prisoners; Norma, Carmen, Ruth, Sally, and Aide in Hamburg, Germany;

6. Concert "Freedom of Speech for Isaac Velazco!"; Rote Hilfe, Hamburg, Germany.

Tupac Amaru Lives!

Voz Rebelde
Kl. Schaeferkamp 46a
20357 Hamburg, Germany


Con las Masas y las Armas, Patria o Muerte ... VENCEREMOS!
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From: Arm The Spirit
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 22:00:58 -0800

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