Nobody Can Stay Neutral Towards Fascism!

The true face of the fascist contra-guerrilla state in Turkey came into the open once again. In recent days a lot of weapons were discussed in the Turkish media. Those weapons had been "lost" earlier by the Turkish security forces. One of the weapons was found in the Mercedes of MP Sedat Bucakin the accident at Susurluk last November. Now it was discovered that the weapons obviously were used by the special, secret, and illegal contra-guerrilla forces of Turkey. The leaders and progenitors of these "special operation teams" are the well-known Mehmet Agar, a former police chief, former minister of justice and minister for internal affairs; Korkut Eken, a general in the Turkish army; and Ibrahim Sahin, former police chief of Turkey. It was discovered that under the leadership of Eken and Sahin, the special forces were trained in Turkey's Adana region.

The characteristics of the "lost" weapons are well-suited to murdering revolutionaries and the people: long distance rifles and Magnum 300 as well as Baretta pistols, which are hard to detect even without silencers. The last weapon is well known for being used in "murders by unknown perpetrators".

The fascist contra-guerrilla state in Turkey is using every dirty and cruel method in its war against the revolutionaries and the people. Whereas open crimes took a back seat in recent months to methods of economic warfare such as enormous inflation and price rises by the new government of Mesut Yilmaz - a government that didn't gain power in legal elections but in negotiations among the ruling classes of the country - recent developments are promoting the politics of murder and massacres once again.

The fascist regime of Turkey cannot extend its life without open terror. The peaceful road and even the methods of "democracy" on the official political stage are exhausted. The attacks against the "Peace Train" [from Europe to Kurdistan] must have opened the eyes of the last people who still believed that negotiations with this regime will lead to a result. Agar, Sahin, and Eken, the mass murderers and perpetrators of unbelievable massacres, weren't even charged in the Turkish courts. The fascist regime in Turkey shows openly it's understanding of "democracy". There is no other way for the imperialists and their collaborators, the ruling oligarchy, to keep hold of the country but to try to silence the growing protests of the people with blood and terror.

This is a time when everybody has to choose a side in this war. The governments in Europe have already chosen to side with the Turkish fascist system. Attacks against revolutionaries and people who support the struggle for an independent, democratic, and free Turkey are on the agenda in almost every European country. The latest events in Paris, where more than 150 people from Turkey were arrested, having committed no crime but to be revolutionaries or sympathizers with revolution and the liberation struggle in Turkey, as well as the attacks in Germany against the socialist newspaper Kurtulus, are only isolated examples in a long list of terror against the friends of the peoples in Turkey. Nobody can stay neutral in this war. On September 30th, the event "One minute of darkness for eternal light" will start once again. Every evening at 9:00pm Istanbul time, the lights will be turned off for one minute. After the events in Susurluk, hundreds of thousands of people participated in that campaign. The campaign was accompanied by demonstrations by thousands of angry people on the streets who united under the slogans "Susurluk is the state!" and "Let's hold them accountable!".

It is the task of every democrat and progressive human being to join the side of the people in this fight. It is the duty of the revolutionaries to lead the protest of the people towards the demand of calling the guilty to account. It is the duty of the revolutionaries to unite the people in the struggle for an independent, democratic, and free country, in the struggle for a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE PEOPLE.

These aims will only be reached by realizing the revolution in Turkey and by establishing the power of the people. We, the DHKC, are calling on every friend and everyone among the peoples in Turkey to organize and take part in this revolution.

Susurluk is the state, let's hold them accountable!

For an independent, democratic, and free country:
let us establish the power of the people!

We are right, we will win!

DHKC Press Department
September 19, 1997

Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Cephesi (DHKC)
Revolutionary People's Liberation Front
DHKC Information Bureau, Amsterdam
Sat, 20 Sep 1997

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