International Campaign for the Asylum of the Sison Family


For the time being, the order of the Dutch government to expel Prof. Sison, his wife Julie and 14-year-old son Jasm from the Netherlands on 14 August has been pushed back by their appeal to the Aliens' Court and by the mass protest actions in 18 cities of the world.

But the danger of expulsion of the Sison Family from the Netherlands remains. It is a distinct possibility that, while the court case is still pending, Prof. Sison is detained in order to compel him to look for another country to transfer to.

We should not underestimate the power of the Dutch, US and Manila governments to deny asylum to the Sison family in the Netherlands. They have already prevented them from getting asylum status for eight years and are now determined to expel them.

We should not underestimate their capability to use propaganda and their influence to misrepresent advocates and fighters for national liberation and democracy as "terrorists" in order to deny them asylum.

It is therefore of crucial importance and necessity to arouse, organize and mobilize the support of the broad masses of the people. It is not enough that the juridical merits of the asylum application of the Sison family is strong. Powerful forces are out to lay aside the just grounds for the asylum of the Sison family.

The International Campaign for the Asylum of the Sison family urges the people to remain vigilant and militant in supporting the Sison family.

1. Demonstrations and pickets far bigger and in more cities than already held in August are proposed for the second week of October 1996.

2. The campaign to collect signatures on the appeal on behalf of the Sison family aims at collecting at least 50,000 signatures in as many countries as possible.

3. Statements from organizations and personalities are also being solicited in support of the Sison family.

4. The International Campaign for Asylum of the Sison Family is producing printed, electronic and audio-visual materials on the Sison asylum case.

5. Meetings are held to present the facts and significance of the Sison asylum case and the Philippine situation, especially the deplorable human rights situation.

6. Committees to support the Sison family in their appeal for asylum are being formed in many cities of the world in order to promote the foregoing activities and raise funds for the work of the undersigned International Campaign for Asylum of the Sison Family.

7. An international team of prominent lawyers and representatives of major international lawyers' organizations is being formed in order to support the Sison family, observe and intervene in court proceedings, hold an international conference on the Sison case and conduct a fact-finding mission to investigate the human rights situation in the Philippines.

The International Campaign for Asylum of the Sison Family will continue until the Sison family get their asylum in the Netherlands and the procedure for granting asylum to all political refugees is facilitated and freed from neocolonial political and economic pressures and maneuvers, including malicious attempts to vilify and criminalize fighters for national liberation and democracy.

The International Campaign for Asylum of the Sison Family is encouraging the committees to support the Sison family to consider becoming simultaneously or eventually committees in solidarity with the Filipino people's struggle for national liberation and democracy. Thus, the committees can take a long-term interest in what the Sisons stand for--the just cause of the people's struggle for liberation and social emancipation.

International Campaign for Asylum of the Sison Family 22 August 1996

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