Below is a list of members of the PRD and affiliated organisations who are currently detained. The list was received by ASIET from PRD headquarters in Indonesia on September 24, 1996. An updated list will be provided when it becomes available.

PRD (Peoples Democratic Party)

1. Budiman Sudjatmiko, President & member Presidium KIPP (Independent Election Monitoring Committee).
2. Petrus H. Haryanto, Secretary-General .
3. Jacobus Kurniawan, Head, Department of Organisation, .
4. I Gusti Anom Astika, Head Department of Education and Propaganda,

PPBI (Indonesian Centre for Labour Struggles)

1. Dita Indahsari, President.
2. Ignatius Pranowo, Secretary-General.
3. Wilson, Head of Education and Propaganda.
4. Kelik Ismunandar, Chair, Solo branch.
5. Nia Damayanti, member Surabaya branch.
6. Wignyo, member Medan branch.

SMID (Students in Solidarity with Democracy in Indonesia)

1. Garda Sembiring, Chair Jabotabek & Chair KIPP Jakarta..
2. Suroso, Secretary, Jabotabek.
3. Ken Buda Kusumandaru, Head Department of Education and Propoganda, Jabotabek.
4. Victor Da Costa, member Jabotabek branch.
5. Putut Ariantoko, member Purwokerto branch.
6. Yul Amrozi, Chairperson Yogyakarta branch.
7. Bayu Kusuma Dewanto, Chair, Komisariat University of Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta.
8. Yulianto Sigit, member Komisariat University of Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta.
9. Subarni Budhi Kasih, member Komisariat University of Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta.
10. Lisa Febriani, Secretary, Surabaya branch.
11. Mohammad Soleh, Head Department of Education and Propoganda,. Surabaya.
12. Trio Yohannes Marpaung, member Surabaya branch.
13. Onang Tiyoso, Head, Department of Education and Propoganda, Solo.
14. Samsul, member Solo branch.
15. Budi, member Solo branch.
16. Didit Sutopo, member Solo branch.
17. Triyana, member Surabaya branch
18. Winuranto Adhi, Chairperson, Malang branch..

SMID members arrested and then released but must report daily.

1. Wirayanti, Chairperson Semarang branch.
2. Nurleli, Head, Finance and Administration, Semarang.
3. Aan Rusdiyanto, member Semarang branch
4. Stevanus, member Semarang branch
5. Hari, member Semarang branch

STN (National Peasants Union)

1. Coen Husein Pontoh, Head, Department of Education and Propoganda
2. Agung Hardana., member East Java branch
3. Zainal Abidin, member East Java branch

Jaker (Peoples Art Network)

1. David Kris, Chairperson, Surabaya branch
2. Brewok, member Surabaya branch.


The Peoples Democratic Party is making an emergency appeal for funds in the face of the current crackdown by the Indonesian dictatorship against the PRD.

This is a crucial part of the international solidarity campaign in support of the Peoples' Democratic Party (PRD), and the associated mass organisations the Centre for Indonesian Labour Struggles (PPBI), Students Solidarity for Democracy in Indonesia (SMID), the National Peasants Union (STN) and the Network for Peoples Art (JAKER).

Emergency funding is needed to help ensure the dictatorship does not achieve its main aim: the destruction of the PRD. The PRD is subject to an order that all its members be arrested and to a government orchestrated propaganda campaign calling for it to be banned.

Funds are needed for:
* the survival and sustenance of many activists who have had to leave jobs and family to organise underground due to the orders for the arrest of all PRD personnel. PRD members are liable to arrest at any time while they continue their work in the new situation.
* survival of PRD, PPBI and SMID publications now that they have to be distributed under much more difficult circumstances. AFP news agency reported on September xxx, for example, that Yogyakarta SMID chairperson was arrested on a university campus in that city after having shots fired by police chasing him. He was eventually captured, with military holding a pistol to his head.
* assistance to PRD prisoners and prisoners families where necessary * assistance to PRD representatives overseas, currently Mr Nico Warouw, so that he can travel widely and speak to as many groups as possible.

Every cent counts in these difficult circumstances.

Moneys can be sent by international money order to: ASIET National Secretariat, P.O. Box 458, Broadway, 2007, Australia or transferred to the following bank account:

AKSI NATIONAL Commonwealth Bank of Australia Broadway branch, Sydney, Australia Account No: 2003 1002 1698

Please read the background information below.

More than 35 members of the PRD and associated organisations have been arrested since July 8 when the PRD and the PPBI led a strike and rally of 20,000 factory workers in Indonesia's second biggest city, Surabaya. The workers were seeking wage increases, improvements in health and safety conditions and an end to military intervention in union protests. Many workers also carried placards defending the democratic rights of the leader of the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI), Megawati Sukarnoputri, who is now no longer recognised by the government, and therefore the electoral commission, as the official leader of the PDI. Although the PRD and the PDI are different parties with different approaches to many issues, the PRD has taken a strong stand in defence of Megawati Sukarnoputri's and the PDI's democratic rights.

One part of this international campaign which the PRD considers very important is the International Day of Protest for Human Rights and Democracy in Indonesia scheduled for October 28. We urge all supporters to organise hunger strike protests or other demonstrations on that day.

Crackdown started July 8

The July 8 rally was brutally attacked by army soldiers, marines and police. Scores of people were injured and many arrested. Of those arrested, three remain in detention and are likely to be tried. These are Dita Sari, President of the PPBI, Coen Hussein Pontoh from the STN, and Sholeh from SMID. At that time, the dictatorship began to escalate its black propaganda campaign against the PRD and affiliated organisations.

On July 27, the dictatorship launched a military attack on the headquarters of the Megawati's PDI. According to the National Human Rights Commission, originally set up by the dictatorship, at least 74 people are still missing after this attack. In the evening following the attack, when news of deaths spread among the community, spontaneous rioting occurred which lasted more that 24 hours. In the next stage of its campaign against the PRD, the regime has seized on the riots, which its own militaristic actions provoked, to further escalate its attack on the PRD.

The PRD was blamed for the riots although even now, six weeks after the riots, the regime has not been able to bring forward one PRD member arrested in the course of rioting. Accompanying these false accusations has been a campaign against the PRD associating with the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI). The main point of this campaign is to frighten people with the memory of how the regime suppressed the PKI in 1965 - namely mass slaughter, with almost two million people killed.

The Armed Forces has ordered the arrest of all PRD personnel, thereby forcing the PRD, PPBI, SMID, STN and JAKER to continue its struggle for democracy underground. In recent weeks, the dictatorship has been able to capture 17 leaders and members of the PRD, PPBI and SMID, including the PRD President, Mr Budiman Sujatmiko, the PRD Secretary General, Mr Petrus Haryanto, the PPBI secretary-general Mr I Pranowo and several provincial leaders. They are all now threatened with being charged and tried under the 1962 Anti-Subversion Law which allows for a maximum penalty of death. Dita Sari and her fellow activists are also threatened with the same law. No person ever put on trial in Indonesia under political laws has been found innocent. In the past, political activists tried under such laws who have also been accused of being communists have been executed.

The dictatorship's aim

It is clear that the dictatorship's aim is to destroy the PRD. The dictatorship has also arrested Mr Mochtar Pakpahan, a prominent labour advocate in Indonesia, whose arrest the PRD also condemns. However, only the PRD is subject to an order that all its members be arrested and to a government orchestrated propaganda campaign calling for it to be banned. An emergency information kit has been prepared by the Australian solidarity organisation, Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET), which is co-ordinating the international solidarity campaign and which has been the longest and most consistent supporter of our struggle. Please keep in touch with them for further information or to order copies of the kit.

We believe the government is taking this action because it is scared of the PRD's effectiveness, sacred of the PPBI's success in organising a sustained campaign of militant actions in defence of workers' rights, of SMID's ability to convince students to help workers and farmers in their struggles and in PRD's persistent defence of the right of the people of East Timor to a self-determination referendum.


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