Chronology of events

August 6: Military apparatus have begun storming Smid activist's house

As a follow up of the PRD being charged as the masterminder of the 27th July 1996 disturbances, the military , police and the public posecutor's office have started arresting SMID (Ind. initials for Indonesian Students' Solidarity for Democracy) activists.

1. Garda Sembiring's parent's home stormed On Thursday, 2nd August,

State's military apparatus, members of the police and the publlic prosecutor's office stormed Garda Sembiring's parents' house in Bogor. Their attempt to arrest GS, however, came to no avail.
To compensate for this, they arrested his mother (his father died several years ago) and took her away to the Bogor territorial police headerquarters. Subsequently she was subjected to interrogation by the regional police. During the operation, policemen confiscated a number of printed matter such as books. journals and leaflets as evidence.

Garda Sembiting (25) is a student of the Law Faculty at the University of Indonesia. He has been active with SMID since 1994. In 1995 he was elected chairman of the SMID branch organisation of Jabotabek (Jakarta-Bogor-Tangerang-Bekasi-Cikampek territory). In 1996 he was elected chairman of the KIPP (Independent Commiittee for Monitoring the General Election) of Jakarta. As an activist, GS has been arrested and tortured on repeated occasions. Some time in 1994, for instance, he was captured in an action opposing the banning of Tempo, Detik and Editor magazines. In August the same year he was arrested by the police of Bogor in connection with the SMID Congress at Cisarua (in the Bogor region). In November 1994 he was arrested in a peasants' struggle at Ngawi, East Java. On 11th Dewcember 1995, in an action by 14,000 workers of te PT Sritex in Solo, he was arrested and tortured by the military.; on 18th June 1996 he was again arrested during a protest action by 5000 workers of PT Indo Shoes at the premises of parliament in Jakarta.

GS has been known as an active fighter for democracy, being active in every struggle to uphold people's sovereignty and to open up a broader space for democracy. As a consequence of all his political struggles., he has now been made the main suspect in the case of the 27th July disturbances. Legal clauses on subvesion are to be applied to him, making him liable to sentences of 20 years up to life imprisonment.

2. Buyung Hunansyah's house atormed

On Thursday (Friday?), 3rd August 1996, the house of Huyung Husnansyah's parents was invaded by members of the military, police and the public prosecutor's office. They tried, but failed, to arrest Buuyung. Here, too, the police confiscated books, journals, leaflets as well as computer hardware found in the house.

Buyung Husnansyah i (25) studies electronics at the State Institute of Science and Technology (ISTN). Since 1994 he has been a member of SMID's commisariat at the Institute. In 1995 he was elected secretary of SMID's Jabotyabek branch. In 1996 nhe was chosen chairman of the financial affairts section of SMID's national organization. As a SMID activist he has been very active in struggles to uphold the people's sovereignty and democracy. As a result he was often arrested by the military and the police. In August 1994 he was arrested during SMID's Congress, which the milkitary dissolved. In July 1994 he was arrested for joining in the action protesting over the banning of Tempo, Detik and Editor magazines. On 7th December 1995 he was arrested for taking part in the occupation of the Dutch Embassy, an action meant to oppose the invasion of East Timor by the Indonesian armed forces. On 10th Januarty 1995 he was arrested during an action of students in alliance with workers of the PT Ganda Guna Indonesia in Tanggerang. On 18th June 1996 he was again arrested as he joined in an action at the premises of parliament building by 5000 workers of the PT Indo Shoes.

He belongs to those people liable to arrest on charges of complicity with the 27th July 1996 disturbances. In the warrant for his arrest it is stated that he is to be subjected to the application of legal clauses on subvesion i.e. he is liable to a sentence of from 20 years up to life imprisonment.

3. Munif Laredo.

On Friday, 3rd August 1996, during a raid by the military, police and personnel of the public prosecutor's office on his brother's house, Munif Laredo succeeded in avoiding arrest by escaping through the back-door of the house. The owner of the house was then subjected to interrogation by the police, who confiscated journals, books and leaflets found there.

Munif Laredo (29) is a student of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta. He is also known as a militant student activist who has been many times arrested by the military apparatus. In 1994-1996 he has been general chairman of the SMID. In 1996 he became staff member of the PRD's department of organisational development. He has also been active in various alliances such as the United Movement of the Indonesian People (KPRI) and the Oposisi Indonesia. Being General Chairman of the PRD (People's Democratic Party) , he has long been eyed on by the New Order authoities, who wanted to send him to prrison.

The house was stormed in connection with charges by the authorities against the PRD of complicvity with the 27th July riots at Cikini, Jakarta. He is also subjected to application of legal clauses on subversion which make him liable to imprisonment for 20 years or even life imprisonment.

4. Wisma SY Pondok Cina, Depok. rounded up.

On Saturday, 4th August 1996, members of the military apparatus, the police and the public prosecutor's office visited the Wisma SY (a students' dormitory) at Pondok Cina, Depok. They sought Romo, the man responsible for the dormitory, but failed, as he was out of town. They then saw the guard, Mas Giman, whodid not allow him to make a search, on the ground that Romo was away. In the end, Giman was interrogated and was asked to give the names of students from outside who made frequent visits to the dormitory. They inquired particularly on visits by Garda Sembiring. Meantime, everybody present at the hostels at the University of Indonesia campus were asked to produce their identity card for checking by the owners of those boarding houses, by heads of the local neighbourhood organisation,t he kampong and the village chiefs as well as the non-commissioned officer in charge of local guidance. Fully armed troops guarded the bridge by the traffic circle at the campus. The presence of secret agents everywhere at the campus had made the atmosphere there all the more tense.

5. Andi Arief's house raided

On Saturday, 4th August 1996, the house of Andi Arief's parents at Bandar Lampung was visited by personnel of the military, police and the public prosecutor's office. Their intention to arrest him failed, as Andi Arief had already gone away a few days earlier. They then made a seach of the house, confiscating books, journals and leaflets.

Andi Arief (26) is a graduate in political science from the Gajah Mada university. In 1994-1996 he has been chairman of the Yogyakarta branch of SMID. This year he has been made general chairman of the SMID's national organisation. He is also member of the Presidium of KIPP's national organisation. He is known to be a militant activist in the struggle for people's sovereignty and democracy. He is wanted for arrest in connection with the disturbances of 27th July in Jakarta. He is subjected to the application of legal clauses on subversion, for which is liable to be sentenced to 20 years or up to life imprisonment.

6. Office of SMID's Jabotabek organisation stormed

The headquarters of the SMID Jabotabek organisation has also been raided by personnel of the military, police and the public prosecutor's office. Nothing compromising was found in the headquarters, established as it was in a small hired house with very little room for movement. The headquarters had been made empty since 28th July 1996. What the visitors could do was just making inquiries from the neighbours and the local neighbourhood organisation about people previously living in the house and their daily activities.

7. SMID's headquarters in Yogyakarta

On 3rd August military personnel of the Diponegoro regional military command as well as members of the police and public prosecutor's office in Yogyakarta came to the headquarters of SMID's organisation at Sendowo, UGM. They tried in vain to find and arrest SMID activists, as the headquarters turned out to have been made empty. They then confiscated a number of journals and leaflets found there.

8. SMID's Surabaya office closed by the military

On 2nd August 1996 the military and police in Surabaya officially closed down SMID's branch office after storming it. 6 SMID members were in the office during the raid. They were interrogated and ordered to leave the office, which the military then declared closed down.

9. PRD activists Dita Sari, Coen Pontoh and Soleh isolated confinement.

The conditions of political detainees from the PRD, Dita Sari, Coen Pontoh and Soleh got worse in the wake of the 27th July disturbances. The three are now confined in special detention cells, and no visits to them by relatives, friendsand lawyers were permitted. This is clearly at variance with the rights of detainees to be visited and receive assistance from a lawyer in the process prior to the trial. It is possible that they are no longer detained at the detention cells of the police municipal headquaters and have been moved to the Bakorstanada, a military body in charge of security and order, of the Brawijaya regional military command. The time of their detention has surpassed the established 20 days' limit.

In the light of the repressive measures, terror and arrests abovementioned, the PRD and its mass-organisations call on the international community to undertake concrete steps to prevent the abuse of power and the aarbitrary use of violence by the military apparatus. We also appeal for actions in solidarity with all pro-democracy activists in Indonesia now being hunted down by the New Order military authorities.

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