Pamphlet: BOYCOTT ELECTION' 97 Poster: Boycott Election '97 From KPP PRD
Pictures: Riot in Mampang, Jakarta

Campaign of Amnesty International:
Student Prisoners of Conscience Convicted at start of Election Campaign should be immediately released

Indonesia's Festival of Democracy
Indonesian Vote Decided Before It Starts
Fear of Boycott Raised as Indonesia's Ruling Party Heads for Victory
"Halt Convy Campaigns, Already 27 Persons Died"
Muslims Close Town, Megawati loyalist Riot
Hunger Strike to Boycott the General Election '97
Violence Highlights the Campaign
Numbers Games in Indonesian Party
Public Relation Fail Golkar
Military Warns of Election Chaos Plot
Security Forces Takes Sides, Mega-Bintang massed rebel, Palace Almost Attacked
A Chronology of Riots in Otista & Kampung Melayu
Mega-Bintang-the People: A Broad Mass Coalition Against the Soeharto Dictatorship
The Pragmatics of Championing
30 Years of Suharto Brings on "Regime Fatigue"
Abri Denies Involvement in Polls Campaign Violance
A "MegaStar" Used A Smile to Get Around a Ban
All Is Not Calm
Campaign Ban Violators Warned of "Stern Action"
Indonesia Military Reportedly Catches Bomb Suspects in Mall
Indonesians Vote Agains Backdrop of Violence
Chronology of Mayor Political Events in Indonesia
Voting Begins in Indonesia
Election-Related Violence Kills 14 in East-Timor
Indonesia Watchdog Says Systematic Poll Violations

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